So far, this piece framed for The Detroit Mercantile Co. is the frameworks width record.

Finn levitates in the shop.

Finn and I at The Scarab Club in Detroit



We keep things simple at FINNISHED, while providing a variety of services and options to address your framing needs. We believe that any frame, though important in the protection and presentational process, should never dominate the work. Most of our mouldings are classic and straightforward in finish and profile, but we are not afraid to throw some baroque around when called for.  

We chop and build frames in wood and metal. We cut glass and plexiglass. We cut mats. We work with simple assemblies, and we have handled some specialized mounting challenges. Currently, we are also able to offer limited pick up and delivery within the Metropolitan Detroit area. However, if you live in an exotic, or interesting port of call, and are willing to pay for Finn and I to accompany your work at a class no lower than "Business," we can certainly talk.